A new day

Everyday is a new day. A day of fresh starts and new beginnings. Have you ever watched a young baby/child wake up in the morning? The look in their eyes, that “get up and go” energy that brings them to life each day? It’s quite invigorating.

To go from: having a day full of bumps and bruises. A day of crying because they couldn’t walk around with their cup or stay outside playing. Upset when bath time is over or not being able to make the cat take a bath with them. Shedding tears when the last blueberry falls on the ground and they can’t eat it or watching their sister eat a piece of candy they can’t have. 

To: waking up the next morning as if none of those things happened. Waking up full of life, unconditional love and forgiveness. Not even remembering the injustices or pain of the previous day.

That little light of hope in us, as we grow older, seems to be so fragile at times. We often times take on each new day as emotional zombies. Void of any connection to our lives. The burdens of adulthood, decision making, and harboring negativity dims that little light.

Look deep into yourself to find that innocence once again. Find that inner child that has been long forgotten and buried amongst decades of burdens and heartbreak.

Tomorrow is a new day.



The Clean Eating Kid Blog, began as a way for me to inspire my oldest daughter to eat and cook healthy food. Totally unplanned, the blog then became more of an inside look at the dynamics between her and I, as well as, a place where I could explore my feelings and mom moments.

Now that I have given the blog a Re-boot, I’m excited to incorporate some baby/toddler and family approved food ideas! Mainly, to add some creative fun to my feed, but also to show mamas and papas some inspiration, or “foodspiration” as I like to call it.

Side Note: I have been inspired by many mama cooks/bloggers,  but I have adapted recipes based on what my 13 month old likes to eat. I will also let you know where I got the inspiration from so you can check it out too!

Here is a fun and EASY breakfast or snack idea I saw on http://www.easytoddlermeals.com They are Fruit Rolled FRENCH TOAST…so good! I like to make two different kinds of rolls and then give half to my clean eating kid and the rest for me. I’m terrible at making sure I eat breakfast, so it helps to make extra! Not to mention, these go great with a cup of coffee!

To make TWO ROLLS :

2 slices of bread CRUST ON for an experienced chewer/ NO CRUST for softer texture.  (We use a 12 grain, whole wheat bread, with no added sugars or high fructose syrups)

About 6 blackberries and/or approx 6 blueberries i find works best for us. In the original recipe, she uses different fruits and in the pictures below, you can see I tried raspberries. I found that they were too tart and mushy for this recipe, but if that’s what we have on hand….we roll with it!

whipped cream cheese (easier to spread) I spread it on the entire slice of bread, however, you can just spread on half the slice for less cheese. We LOVE cheese…so BAM!! We cheese it up!

one egg

1 tablespoon of whole milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

pinch of cinnamon

butter or coconut oil to heavily grease pan (you want these to almost pan fry)


Whisk egg, milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract in a small bowl.

On a flat surface, you will need to flatten bread slices. You can use your fingers to gently press down on each slice or use a rolling pin.

Spread whipped cream cheese evenly on each slice. Use enough to create a thin, not lumpy layer.

After you have rinsed and washed the berries you plan to use, pat dry with a paper towel

Place a row of berries along the edge of the bread and gently roll the bread and press the seam to seal.

Gently roll your Rollup in the egg and milk mixture until all sides are coated.

Place rolls in heated skillet. Make sure pan is on medium heat setting so the roll cooks eavenly. Use tongs to cook on all sides.

Roll will be done when all sides  are a golden brown. Let rolls sit for a few minutes to cool before feeding to your clean eating kid!

Slice for small bites or feed roll to older toddler without slicing.





Many days and nights, were spent searching my thoughts and feelings. I had this open road infront of me with all paths open and I was having a difficult time choosing which one to follow. Those that were in my life at that moment, had a critical role to play in those decisions. Many were present in my life, many were making an effort to show me their love and affection, but there was always something missing. I was never a priority. Just an after thought. I was always someone there, filling a void. I was that thing they couldn’t shake because they had put so much time in effort into it that they didn’t want to let go.

The need to feel loved was important, but to be wanted against all odds and made a priority was EVERYTHING to me at that time.

I had made some hasty decisions, tested the waters and searched for meaningful moments  to fill this desperation I felt in my soul. Lost and bewildered, I knew I was headed down the wrong path, but didn’t have a clue how to fix it.

I began to Pray. Boy, did God deliver in a Big way!

A genuine soul with a heart of gold, who I now call my HUSBAND,  walked into my life. In that critical moment. In that crucial time, he showed up.

Any bad day was made bright by him. He offered me friendship, and later offered me his heart. Vulnerable, but confident, he gave me all he had to give. The moment he entered my life, the dark path I was on suddenly wasn’t so lonely and dark. When I thought there was no way, he showed me there was another way. His optimism and positivity cleared any obstacle before me.

Once again, many open paths were set before me. Only this time, I knew divine intervention had brought us down a new path… together. I was no longer lost or overwhelmed. Things started to fall into place, plans were made, futures were planned out. No matter what, good or bad, our lives have always moved forward.

Through the storm there is always hope. A new opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning. Have faith in yourself, you are worthy to receive the love that has been promised to you. Your searching for that “thing” you long for will come. Just give it time and it will happen when you least expect it.




its been a few years since i’ve written anything. literally. | not because i didn’t have anything to write about | not because i had writers block | life was happening and i was busy living it. experiencing it. i call it a RESET.

have you ever had something to say, but it just didn’t come out the way you had hoped to say it? have you ever been filled with so much emotion you couldn’t find the words to describe it? *hand raised…me… i have. so because i haven’t found the words to express or describe my life for the past four years, i have taken to share my story through pictures on my Instagram page | @smiln2u | now that i’m back to writing, however, i will be taking you on this journey with me | reflecting on the past four years | letting you see, through my writing, the woman i have become | not as a result of the past, but as a result of finding true love and happiness against all odds |

i am the clean eating kid because i have committed to seeing life through the light my daughters have shown me | i am clean, renewed, and free because of the love i see in my husbands eyes for me and only me (more on HIM later ) | i am finally the ME i always new was inside, but never had the courage to break free |

welcome back if you’ve read my blog before.

welcome, if you’ve just found me for the first time.





It is truly magical to watch something you have planted, cultivated and nurtured grow right before your eyes. To have the opportunity to collect and harvest what you have worked so hard to reap, in itself, is a huge accomplishment. Especially when one has endured the unpredictability that is Mother Nature.

In a similar way, my parenting, has been influenced by that thought. I have spent the last 12 years slowly and meticulously caring for my little seedling, The Clean Eating Kid. Nothing has been easy. Every moment she has lived, has been a never ending test of my passion to provide her with the best environment in which she can thrive and grow.

I have daily fought for justice and respect on her behalf. That all recently changed when I realized my role as that protector had changed. I was no longer going to be the first line of defense or the battle cryer.

My Clean Eating Kid had victoriously overcome a situation that had involved an older student verbally bullying her for over a year. She was tactful in her strategy to end this situation once and for all. After finding out her facts about this student, she then scheduled her own appointment with the school authorities and had typed a formal complaint about the events that had transpired. The situation was not only taken care of, but she also received a letter if apology from the bully.

Proud about her diplomatic and unconventional approach would be an understatement. My Clean Eating Kid has once again, blown my mind and shown me that good is still out there in the midst of such adversity. She had made her choice and been so intentional in carrying out her plan to solve a problem in the most tactful way possible.

In all this, helping me see that society is ever adapting and that My Clean Eating Kid has retained all the teachings of empowerment passed down to her. In the end, forging her own life and living the life given to her with a sense of freedom and confidence, I could only hope to learn from having the privilege of being her mother.

Never ending story

Once upon a time there was a parent who read to her little one each night. Once upon a time there was a parent that brushed her teeth with her little one to make sure she did it right. Once upon a time there was a parent that played games created from an innocent imagination; not because she was asked too, but because she wanted to. There was once a parent that had a sick little one and had to instinctively remedy her illness with out asking her where she felt pain.

My Clean Eating kid has an intellectual maturity that is beyond her years. An old soul trapped in the monotony of middle school life, she does not give any indication of needing anything from me. Her heart and spirit, however, still yearn for her once upon a time. I can see it in her eyes. I can feel her searching my spirit for the adventurous parent she once had long ago, when she didn’t have to make requests.

I have become too dependent on her independence, however through my parental evolution I have been able to, day by day, keep OUR once upon a time alive.

My responsibility as her mother, no matter what society dictates, is to keep her imagination growing and commit to keeping her childhood alive; so that her innocence can bring her comfort in the midst of social adaptation.